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By: AngeloBrinkley

No holiday is complete without bringing home photographs to serve as reminders and memorabilia from your latest adventure. While everyone can take their selfies and post it on social media to brag about their amazing vacation, not everyone has the unique opportunity to truly enjoy truly picturesque and jaw-dropping views of photography holidays.

A Unique, Creative, And Amazing Experience

There is nothing that quite compares to the experience offered by going on a photography holiday. It is a one of kind holiday that takes photography enthusiasts of all levels on a trip of a lifetime where they can hone their skills through photography workshops while also enjoying the scenery around them,

It is an experience that is highly praised and recommended by top news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and The Sunday Telegraph. Aside from the workshops and training every guest has a chance to experience, it is still a holiday with plenty of time to relax and try out of the ordinary activities. All of which will be captured in film for you to reminisce in the years to come!

Looking For A Reason To Go On This Holiday?

You don’t have to be an expert at photography to fall in love with Creative Escapes’ Photography Holidays. There are professionals who will guide you through the entire experience and even explain the most complex photography theories in the simplest way possible. Beginner photographers never have to worry about not understanding the lessons.

Those who are a little shy and don’t want to join large holiday groups can breathe a sigh of relief because every group only has a maximum of 8 members to ensure a personalized holiday. You will never feel left-out or unseen by your tutors because every member is given the same amount of training and time.

Finally, not everything about the holiday is focused on photography, each destination is situated near the best hotels, restaurants, shopping areas, and bars. You will know all the best places like one of the locals while also living in luxury.

The Best Holiday Destinations

Great Escapes holds a number of different photography holidays all over the world. These are by far the best and most popular locations:

* Costa Rica – Guests get to experience both the salty ocean breeze of the Pacific Ocean and

* The Caribbean Sea while also having access to lush and green jungles. There are so many opportunities for the perfect photo that it is one of the best destinations!

* Sahara – For a more quiet and secluded holiday, the Sahara is the perfect spot. The Sahara desert is truly a magnificent place for nighttime photography as the stars shine their brightest here.

* Holi Festival (India) – Maximize the ability of your camera to capture colours and moving shots by scheduling a trip to India during the Holi Festival. It is an experience of bright colours, amazing food, a vibrant culture, and so much more that needs to be captured in film.

* California – There’s more to California than just Hollywood stars. Take a break from the busy life and explore the natural wonders of Yosemite from behind the camera lens. The breath-taking views and fresh air will surely inspire you to continue taking photos while traveling.

Sign up for a holiday today and get to experience a holiday like no other! It will be a holiday you will never forget.

Join our photography holidays that will help unleash your creativity. See the world and preserve memories behind the lens. Contact Creative Escapes today!