11 Tips and Tricks that Make Clothes Shopping Easy

By: AngeloBrinkley

11 Tips and Tricks that Make Clothes Shopping Easy

Do you ever feel guilty about shopping or have you come home empty-handed after a long day? I’ve had a lot shopping experience for both my family and myself, so I know how it can strain your nerves, as well your pocketbook.

A little planning can help you shop for clothes much more efficiently. You can make shopping productive and even fun if there are a few key tips.

11 Tips and Tricks that Make Clothes Shopping Easier

“Get ready” before you go

Although you might be eager to go, it can make a huge difference to take the time to get ready. It’s easier to look good in clothes you are trying on if your hair is dreadful and your makeup is perfect.

Frazzled and unorganized feelings can lead to a bad day shopping. We’re not talking about “nothing looks nice on me,” which is something we all know is not fun.

Don’t forget to bring:

You can return anything you don’t need (so you can use your credit immediately!)

It’s useful to have a measuring tape in case you shop secondhand. Because sizes vary so widely and fitting rooms are not always possible, It is also a great way to quickly test fit at any store.

  • Shoes that are easy and quick to put on and take off.
  • Any coupons or gift vouchers that may be applicable.

Know Your Budget

Not only will it make shopping easier but it could also save you some remorse. As a rule of thumb, set aside 5% each month to buy clothes, shoes and accessories. If you have to save money, you can do so for a few months in advance. It’s just an idea, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work for your situation.

Start Broad and then Edit

You can shop online or in-store by adding everything you like to your cart. Then, edit your options. It’s easier to compare multiple pieces at once, and then decide which ones you like the best.

There will always be some things that don’t go according to plan and other things that work out well. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t know what the future holds. Also, be sure to bring lots of items and multiple sizes to the fitting area.

When I was younger, I used to be the “gofer” for my children and would switch sizes with them in the fitting room. It is a great way for everyone to save time. Plus, it helps to avoid buyer’s regret of buying something that doesn’t fit properly because you didn’t take the time or try on another size.

Keep a Wish List

You can always start a list of clothes you need or want. When you go shopping, you can refer to your list to help you remember what you are actually looking for.

Shopping with a list is often more successful than shopping with one item in mind. While you may not find everything on your first visit, you can usually check off most of your items over the course of multiple trips. Or you might decide that you don’t need any of the items.

Check Out These Season Sales

Save money on clothing by shopping for out-of-season items. You can buy summer clothes during the end-ofsummer sale, and winter clothes during the end-of–winter sale. Although it will require some planning ahead, this is a great way of saving.

You should shop these sales often, and not just with volume in mind. You should buy anything that looks good with your wardrobe, even if it wasn’t exactly what you were looking.

Over time, you will realize how much you have saved by building a balanced wardrobe. You’ve heard it all: slow and steady wins.

Purchase Easy-To-Wash Items

You don’t need to dry clean anything if you don’t already have it. Consider whether the item is machine washable. Even if the item is bargain priced, dry cleaning fees can make up for any savings.

Bring a friend, or two

Shopping with friends makes shopping more enjoyable. Getting a second opinion can make it much easier. A friend can either give you the confidence to test it or tell you that it’s not right. You can also ask your friends or family members to accompany you on a shopping expedition, even if they cannot make it.

Why not meet up with friends to do some online shopping? Sometimes I send friends photos of the clothes I’m thinking about buying so they can see them. It can be quite useful!

Buy Quality, Spend Less on Trends

Spending more money on timeless pieces that are durable and can be worn over and over again can help you save money. You won’t need to replace a pair of classic black boots or a blazer if you spend more.

You should also avoid buying trendy pieces that you won’t wear often. You don’t need to blow your budget on clothing you will only wear once in a while.

Get to Know the Return and Exchange Policies

This is especially true when shopping online. This is why I only shop online at stores that offer free returns. You might have to pay extra for shipping bulky items. Also, if the store charges a return fee, this will add to the cost of the product.

Save with Coupons

Coupons aren’t limited to groceries. Rakuten, a site that allows you to save money and earn cash back when you shop online, is great for shopping. You can also use apps to compare prices and let you know if an article in your cart has a lower price elsewhere.

You can shop in person by checking online or downloading the app from the store. There may be special coupons or discounts available for in-store shopping.