Tips to Make Your Social Media Appealing to Employers

By: AngeloBrinkley

Nowadays, almost every employer checks the candidate’s social media before hiring as it gives them a quick impression of who they are both personally and professionally. According to EMR, if you are on the hunt for a new job, it’s advisable to have a social media profile that gives off a good impression.

That being said, here are a few tips to employer-proof your social media accounts:

Table of contents:

-Prepare a great online CV on LinkedIn

-Delete any controversial posts

-Hide embarrassing or unprofessional photos

-Think twice about posting

-Where applicable, make your content private 

Create an Appealing CV on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent place to connect with professionals. However, most people think that their profile is secure, safe and appropriate, particularly when they have a delightful professional photograph, looking sharp in an official suit.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the jobs you are listing as well, including how long you were in that position, your role, and any recommendations you made. The general rule of creating a good CV is to not lie and so, avoid the same on LinkedIn.

Similar to a CV, do not sell yourself short on LinkedIn. List all your skill & experience, use proper grammar, and also ask for recommendations and endorsements from both friends and former colleagues.

You might be wondering why all this is important. Well, an appealing LinkedIn profile will drive the limelight away from the less professional social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Most employers will check out a candidate’s LinkedIn before their Instagram or Facebook. 

Hide Unprofessional and Embarrassing Photos

When it comes to photos on social media, you’ll want to keep exposure of flesh to a minimum. Even better, consider setting your entire profile to private. Always think of how professional you look before posting those photos when you were having fun at the club.

Even though the recruitment process nowadays has become more engaging, with more and more employers wanting to know their candidates on a personal level, there’s still a thin line in the understanding of how great you looked drinking shots and riding the rodeo in hot pants in Vegas.

Remove any Contentious Posts

Jokes do not always work well when written or posted on social media. Facial clues and voice tone make a joke understandable and without them, what you may deem witty can come off as rude and insensitive.

Steve recalls when he checked out one of his candidates profile on social media. He didn’t expect them to have an open profile, but they did. The candidate had a particular status about Jimmy Saville and even though he could tell it was a joke, he wondered whether the person cared if a potential employer saw it and whether they would take offense.

Always Think Twice Before Posting

You went to the gym, had a burger at lunch and hit the club later in the evening. If this kind of banality is bad enough for your friends and loved ones, just think about what your potential employer might think about it.

Yes, it is fun to post when you are doing something exciting, but your colleagues, professional peers and employers probably do not want to know everything about you. So, if you really want to merge your professional and personal life, avoid coming out as neurotic, dramatic, or whiny in your posts.

Is Possible, Make Your Content Private

This might sound obvious, but the number of people who overlook this aspect is alarmingly high. If you can’t help but post, at least dig a little deeper and take the time to head over to the account settings section and change who is allowed to see your content.

Most social media platforms allow you to change individual aspects of your profile as well as activity to be available to certain contacts or groups. Ideally, you can set things to open or private to specific individuals. This might seem spiteful, especially when leading a professional life, but the last thing you want is a negative perspective from your potential employers and colleagues.

We know that social media started as a way to connect with friends and family regardless of distance, but the world has changed. Given the state of the world, especially with the pandemic, more and more companies are turning to the internet to hire people and work remotely. As such, it is important to have a good social media CV if you want to secure that job. Use the tips mentioned in this read to ensure you are on the right path.

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