How to make Heeled Boots more comfortable

By: AngeloBrinkley

Here are some tips to help you win your boots

Boots are designed for walking so make sure they are as comfortable as you can. The uncomfortable rubbing sensation you might feel when wearing heeled boots is usually caused by your feet being sweaty. Are you looking for ways to make your heels more comfortable? You can save your feet with moisture-wicking cotton socks this boot season. You can get on board the normcore trend by pairing a crew-length pair of socks with platform lug sole booties.

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There are many ways to make high heels more comfortable. You can also reduce friction by adding a layer to areas that are prone to becoming rubbed. To protect vulnerable areas, add a moleskin patch on your toes and heels. You may be wondering what moleskin is. It’s not an actual animal hide. Instead, it is a soft cotton fleece with an adhesive backing. It molds to your foot much better than a bandage. It can be cut and applied to any blisters that you feel. Comfort is guaranteed, whether you are wearing your boots with jeans and glam in a gown.

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Change the way you walk

There is an art to walking in heels, and it’s not hard to believe. This is the key to making heels more comfortable. You may not be able to walk in heels the same way in flats. Because walking in heels requires you to pay more attention the rest of your body. You must first realize that you aren’t just walking around in your sneakers. Your core should be engaged and you should walk from heel to toe. Your posture is key to enhancing your stride’s flow. Are you having trouble aligning your spine? Imagine a string tied to your head, pulling you toward the sky. With each step, shift your hips and lift your legs up to the center. You will feel more bounced than normal. You’ll soon be doing the Tyra Banks sashay wherever you go.

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Take some time to rest your feet

Let us end our guide on making heels more comfortable. High heels are not something that can be worn all day. (Unless Carrie Bradshaw is your exception. Give your feet some rest. Do not wear high heels for more than 2 days consecutively. Give your feet a rest every day. Your feet are no different. Warmly soak them in a mineral bath, then apply your favorite moisturizer. Another trick to help your feet heal is drawing an imaginary alphabet with the big toe. These are easy to do and will help you get your feet back on track.