How to become a Fashion Consultant

By: AngeloBrinkley

What is a Fashion Consultant?

Fashion consultants are advisors in the fashion industry. Fashion consultants should be able to work with both contemporary and retro styles. They also need to have an eye for design. As a stylist, a consultant will use their creativity and arrange clothes and accessories in pleasing templates that meet customer needs.

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Three Responsibilities for a Fashion Consultant

Clients and employers turn to fashion consultants for their knowledge in the field. These are the three main responsibilities for a fashion consultant.

  1. Fashion merchandising. As a fashion stylist you organize and manage your stock. You can plan ahead and acquire the latest clothing as per your schedule, while also building a trusted network of suppliers. If you have a tight budget, find stylish items in thrift stores to build your inventory at a reduced price.
  2. Clients can have personal shopping done by a personal stylist or an image consultant. This allows clients to revamp their style and wardrobe. Personal stylists assess the client’s body type and favorite colors. A personal shopper can deliver clothes directly to the client or accompany them to a department shop to help them choose.
  3. Wardrobe consulting for productions and photoshoots. A consultant may provide fashion advice as well as help plan a runway show or editorial photoshoot or professionally shot production such a commercial or film.

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How to become a fashion consultant

These are the steps to help you build a career as a stylist or consultant in fashion.

You should develop strong interpersonal skills. Your greatest asset will be customer service skills. To learn the preferences of your clients, ask concise questions and have an open discussion with them about a design strategy. You might find clients reluctant to change their style. However, you can help them by using your communication skills. You can suggest complementary items that will help them update their wardrobe and increase their self-confidence.

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Get a working knowledge about current fashion trends. Trends often fall by the wayside as models and celebrities show their fashion, but they often lose momentum before they reach consumers. Fashion experts will look at the most recent trends and predict what’s next. As you strive to stay ahead of the curve, it is important to have a good understanding of fashion trends and how they affect your style choices.

To grow your client base, network. You can build your network as you gain industry experience. Your reputation can be enhanced by working with emerging designers and clients. You can either apply for internships at renowned fashion companies, or you can reach out to fellow professionals in the field to discuss successful business strategies.

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Complete education and certifications are recommended. A high school diploma is sufficient to get a job as a fashion consultant. The role you are applying for will determine how many years experience you need. A bachelor’s degree or stylist certification in fashion design could also be helpful in showing potential employers that you are knowledgeable and driven.