How to Wear a Brooch. 7 Style Tips

By: AngeloBrinkley

Brooches can be styled with many outfits and are a stylish accessory. Learn more about these ornamental pins, and how to style a brooch with seven styling ideas.

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What is a brooch?

Broochs are decorative pins that attach to clothing. Brooches are pinned to clothing that can support their weight. Brooches can be made with precious stones, such as amethysts, emeralds and sapphires, or vibrant colors and intricate designs in metal and enamel.

Brief History of Brooches

The brooch dates back to the Bronze Age. It was originally known as a fibula. Brooches had a function in the early days. Brooches, for example, were not ornamental pins in the Roman Empire, but served a functional purpose, fastening thick garments such as tunics or cloaks. Brooches, which are jewels with colorful motifs and gemstones that can be worn to dress up an ensemble, are today.

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There are 6 types of brooches

Brooches are available in many styles and serve various purposes. Some of the most common styles include:

Cameo brooch:  Known for their distinctive style and construction, cameo Brooches are made of mother of pearl, seashells or agate. They depict the silhouette of an individual set in an oval/round stone.

Dress clip: Modified brooches (also known as dress clips) were a very popular accessory for clothing in the 1920s. The clip attaches to the garment’s edge and is known as a dress clip. To add color and flair to an outfit, you can attach one of these vintage brooches to the neckline of a sweater or dress.

Enamel brooch: Vibrant and colorful enamel brooches combine glass with metal to create rich color palettes. Enamel brooches are glossy and smooth due to their crafting process. Enamel brooches can also incorporate naturalistic designs such as flowers, leaves and animals.

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The en tremblant Brooch: This brooch is known for its unique design. It is a French-style of jewelry that has a trembler at the center. The brooch acts as a spring and moves gently with the wearer. Brooches made from En tremblant often feature bright floral designs that capture natural light.

The Mourning brooch: This pin was popular in Victorian times and was used to remember and honor a loved one. Antique brooches can be engraved with the initials of the deceased, their hair or an inscription.

Portrait brooch: These brooches feature small, painted images of loved ones. These brooches are sentimental and can be used to secure scarves or coats.

How to Wear a Brooch: 7 Style Tips

Brooches can be paired with many different clothes and are versatile accessories.

  1. Attach to a sweater: To add elegance and style to an outfit, place a brooch underneath the sweater’s collarbone. Avoid tying your brooch too tightly to your sweater. This can cause knitted material not to look neat and twisted.
  2. Clip a dress: Add a brooch to your dress’ upper left side. Brooches are best paired with solid-colored dresses, since intricate patterns and fabrics can conceal the brooch. To accessorize your outfit, you can pair a floral brooch and a little black dress.
  3. Pin matching brooches to a shirt collar: To dress up a button-down shirt, pin matching brooches to its collar. A simple way to enhance your blouse’s neckline is to pair sterling silver pins and brooches with sparkly rhinestones.
  4. Make sure you have a scarf: To hold the scarf in place, use a brooch to secure it. To make a bold fashion statement, wrap the scarf around your neck and pin your brooch in the center.
  5. Add style to a jacket: To draw attention to your jacket, add a brooch to the jacket’s lapel. A brooch can be added to a wool coat or blazer, a denim jacket, cardigan, or cardigan. Pin the brooch to the breast pocket of your jacket if it has one.

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6. Turn a brooch into a choker necklace: Turn your brooch pin into an adjustable              choker by using a scarf or a short necklace chain. The brooch can be closed by slipping        the scarf or necklace through the back. Finally, you can tie your necklace around your        neck with a pin at the center.

7. It can be worn as a hair accessory: A brooch can be worn as a hairpin for formal            events. For a half-up or half-down look, secure a brooch with a French twist or chignon.