Chic Style for Women: The Elements of Elegance

By: AngeloBrinkley

The fashion term chic is popular, but what does chic style actually mean? Chic style can be associated with any type of fashion. Every style can be described as chic, from boho to rocker. Let’s go down the history lane and start your women’s guide for chic style.

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The Origins of Chic Style

Our chic journey begins in France. Ooh, la la. The original French term chicanery, which was first used in 1600, is the origin of the concept of chic. Chicanery is legal quibbling or sophistry. It is also used to refer to arguing about trivial matters or raising objections. Although this does not have anything to do with style or fashion, Wikipedia says that it is where the term chic was first used. Some people link chic to the German word schick which means skill or tact. You have something new and possibly fun to share with your friends at parties.

America’s Fashion Leaders: Chic Fashion

Chic exploded onto the American fashion scene in 1925 with the dawn of the jazz age. Chic was the first lady to enter the fashion industry by 1954. Audrey Hepburn was perhaps the most fashionable woman of all time. Her wardrobe in Sabrina made her a hot topic. Edith Head was the costume designer for Hepburn’s movie outfit. She quickly rose to the status of chic style icon. The chic wave continued and the world never looked back.

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What is Chic Style?

You’ll soon discover that chic style for women comes in many forms. Chic style is characterized by clean lines and monochromatic tones. It also features neutral colors. This look is highlighted by a bold accessory. It consists of classic pieces that never go out-of-fashion.

CoCo Chanel, a French fashion designer who was renowned for her chic designs, once stated that “one must be different” in order to be irreplaceable. Chic style incorporates unique details such as asymmetrical edges, boxy silhouettes and subtle embellishments. Luxurious fabrics are often a hallmark of chic fashion. They elevate a woman’s wardrobe to new heights. These timeless, classic pieces will remain a staple in your wardrobe for many years.

Boho Chic Style

We must travel back to France in order to understand boho chic. The French Bohemians, who were artists and travelers from central Europe in the 20th century, were known as Bohemians. Boho style derives directly from the clothes that bohemians wore during their artistic and unique lifestyles. The bohemian fashions were effortless, fluid, and free. They became a style icon for the French masses.

Casual Chic Style

Casual chic style is the next fashion trend. Casual chic style takes your everyday pieces to a whole new level. You can elevate your chic style by pairing them with tailored pieces such as a smart black jacket or pleated midi skirt. Mix and match your laidback pieces with your most stylish pieces to chicen things up.

Pair your favorite straight-leg jeans with white tees, a boyfriend blazer, and new white sneakers. A neutral top with sequins can be paired with your favorite wide-leg pants. Slide your feet into neutral slides and you’re ready to face any day.

Rocker Chic Style

Chic is possible. Even rocker styles can be chic. The first rocker style was seen in the United States, and then it emerged in England. This style had nothing to do fashion-wise, but was all about protection. The motorcycle was far cheaper than cars, and all riders needed thick layers of armour. The biker jacket is here. The jackets went mainstream as more people added zippers, trinkets, and studs to personalize their designs. The name rocker was derived directly from the motorcycle, as there were rockers in the 4-stroke engines.

The necessity and practicality of this clothing inspired a whole new style of rocker chic that’s still being worn today. Rocker chic styles are characterized by leather, fringe, and distressing. They add an edge to your wardrobe and give it a sexy look.

Chic Street Style

Chic street style sounds exactly like it does. It is a style that evolved from street fashion and not runway. This style can be found while you’re out and about, flipping through magazines and looking around. This style is a reflection on what everyone wears, with different interpretations that make each look unique.

Combining retail items with designer pieces can create fashionable looks. It is important to incorporate clean, crisp lines and neutral colors into your streetwear outfits. Streetwear is now dominated by athleisure that combines comfort and style. For a chic look that is instantly streetwear-ready, pair a versatile jumpsuit and a utility-inspired open front top. You are now ready to take on the streets in chic style with a pair of trainers.

Modern Chic Style

Colorblocking. Structured design Fresh, solid color palettes. Modern fashion, much like modern architecture is chic and innovative, is a timeless classic. Every runway and street can display modern chic style. You can be elegant or casual, and you will always look fashionable.

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Find modern chic pieces you already have in your wardrobe. For a modern, chic look that can be worn for any occasion, you can pair your basic pieces with solid pencil skirts or crisp white button-ups. Are you lacking in modern pieces? For chic, eco-friendly clothing that needs a home, check out a thrift shop. You can create a strong ensemble using thrifted pieces. This will promote both your fashion sense as well as the environment.

French Chic Style

We feel it only right to end the woman’s guide for chic style in France. French chic style is perhaps the most elegant of all styles. It’s simple and chic. Every day dressing is easy with basic pieces that have unique details such as pleats and balloon sleeves. This style allows you to have a variety of easy pieces that can be mixed and matched to create many different looks.

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French chic style doesn’t overdo it and relies heavily upon statement pieces that elevate the look. French chic styles are distinguished by their unexpected pop of color and meticulous details. Truly, tres chic is the ultimate definition of elegance.