Neck Pain and Parenting

By: AngeloBrinkley

Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and tendonitis are all repetitive strain injuries you have heard of. This type of injury is typically caused by a repeated use of specific parts of the body, leading to an array of uncomfortable or painful conditions related to the soft tissues, including the nerves, muscles and ligaments. They are also associated with occupations or recreational activities such as golf, work and of course parenting.

Parents across the glove can attest to the reality that repetitive lifting, carrying, holding and rocking of their babies and children is a repetitive motion in and of itself and can lead to pain. Many repetitive strain injuries are specific to certain areas of the body, but repetitive motions that parents often perform can lead to many types of discomfort and pain in multiple locations throughout the body, including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain and elbow pain.

Despite the fact that parenting can contribute to multiple aches and pains (that are ultimately so worth the discomfort), today we will focus primarily on the impact that parenting your beloved children can have on your neck – and what to do about it.

Looking down to talk to, read to, answer their questions or rock them to sleep (often leading to falling asleep in chairs with them) can each contribute to neck pain problems. Furthermore, in today’s age, there is more than just caring for our kids that is to blame. Technology is a major culprit. Whether due to our turning on/watching a movie with our children, searching the internet on how to get our baby to sleep through the night or just taking a few minutes to breathe while browsing social media, our neck pain can become worse over time.

Although it isn’t the fault (or not entirely) of our children and although parents shouldn’t ever stop doing these things, there is a reality that parents need to take care of themselves and the neck pain that ensues.

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We can help to treat current neck pain problems and/or prevent further neck pain issues with some steps:

Find a Focal Point

Give your eyes some sort of target to focus on, whether it be a focal point such as a picture you love on the wall across from your desk or across the nursery, giving your body opportunity to switch to a better postural position with your neck in proper alignment for a few seconds can help the muscles in the neck to relax.

Be Aware

Try to remember how you hold your body. It is easy to get caught up in the moment with parenting and forget about ourselves, but try to remember to take care of yourself too. One such way you can hold your body properly is by doing as much as possible at eye level. Position your screen at a comfortable height. When you stand up straight, consider where your pelvis is – it should be slightly rotated forward to help maintain your lower spinal curve, thus bringing up the upper portion of your body and reducing neck pain.

Strengthen your Mid-Back

The middle back is the key to postural muscles. Do seated rows or lat pulldowns to help strengthen your spine, which can help to prevent rounding in your upper back.

If you suffer from neck pain of any sort, whether you are a parent or not, gentle chiropractic manipulation, massage, physical therapy and/or exercises can benefit you, helping you to find lasting relief from neck pain problems.